Cut and Paste
Digital Editing/Retouching

Standard Restoration Pricing
    (prices vary with extent of damage...)
    $20 Minimum order, including facial retouches (blemishes, acne, etc.)
  • $5.00 - Scanning of one photograph.
    ($4.00 for 3 and up, $3.00 for 8 and up)
  • $30.00 - Minor restoration - touch up on
    minor scratches and wrinkles on non-vital areas
  • $90.00 - Medium restoration - touch up on
    scratches and wrinkles on vital areas.
  • $150.00 - Heavy restoration - touch up on heavy
    scratches and wrinkles on vital and non-vital areas.
Through digital manipulation, we are able to transform dirty, worn- out pictures to near perfect quality.
Click on each image to see for yourself.
Before Before and After Before      Before  before  before 
After Before and After after after after after

Picture Restoration and color enhancement
Advertising Price:  Only $85 including 1(8x10) and 1(5x7)





$10.00 - Uncut - the entire image is copied
and pasted to another image or it can be faded
from 30% to 70% as a background
for the other image.

$30.00 - Cut - certain areas or persons of one
image are selected and pasted
onto another image or background.
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Images may be cut and pasted onto another background or onto another picture. Care is taken to make the finished picture smooth.  Although all pictures cannot be merged perfectly, retouching services are available for those images which need it.

This family picture was originally a series of 12-13 shots put together to make one final image. It was enlarged and framed. The result was one we were all proud of.