No Customers’ cameras allowed in the studio.


Minimum 5 poses for each background or clothing change.


Minimum is $10.00 for each transaction of ATM or credit card. No checks.


Caution!  Keep valuables with you.  Our studio accepts no responsibility for loss of damaged articles.


We can mail your pictures to you for a postage and handling fee.  We are not responsible for lost mail and cannot guarantee delivery. 

Therefore we recommend that you pick up your pictures yourself.


We close at 7 pm and the last sign up for a studio photo shoot is 6:30 pm.  Any photo sittings completed after 6 pm will not be ready until the next working day.


We cannot print or reprint exactly the same color, density or soft focus as your previous original due to the difference in time and material…

but we will try our best to make it as close as possible.


In order to properly fulfill your order into our system, we would appreciate full payment upon placing an order.


Pickups without receipt will no longer be honored.  Please have your receipt when you pick up your order.  This is needed to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings.  When placing orders, take a second to look at your receipt to see what you paid for.  If you have any questions, that’s the time to ask.  For privacy and protection reasons, we do not store customers by name.  Therefore we rely on you, the customer, to bring your receipt.


No refund on pictures after they leave the studio.  Count and verify you order before leaving.  All receipts expire within one year from the date of payment.  The studio reserves the right to use images and/or reproductions for purposes of display, exhibitions, contest, and other purposes.  Unless otherwise specifically stated herein, negatives, images, and previews remain the property of the studio, and the studio has the exclusive right to make additional reproduction from them for the client.


Our photographers are here to operate our equipment.  It is your responsibility to let your photographer know of any special requests or poses.  Otherwise it will be up to the photographers’ best judgment.  Please make sure your position, hair, outfits, and make up is the way you want it.


We take only the number of pictures needed to complete your package.  We cannot take extra shots till you get the exact pose you want.  Once you see your proofs you cannot change your mind and want to redo different poses.  To be fair to all our customers, we photograph to the best of our ability.  Our photographers are not here to keep taking poses over and over.

In case of any major technical problems on our part (such as large scratches on the picture or equipment failure) we will redo the poses only if there are not enough proofs needed to make up your package.  We can offer you 4 wallets or 2(4x6) for each missing proof.


For all enlargements of size 8x10 or bigger, we reserve the right to have our logo “Perfect Studio and phone #” on the bottom side of the picture.


If the number of proofs taken is more than what comes with your package.  The additional proofs may be purchased for half price ($1.62).


If you only like some of the proofs, we can offer copies on the ones you like the best 1 proof = 1 (4x6) = 2 wallets.


If you decide you like only some of the proofs and do not want to get the complete package, we will change the package to poses for you.  We work on a ratio of 2 to 3; you select 2 or 3 poses taken.  Each pose is $3.25 (4x6 print), plus the sitting fee.  We will refund the difference to you.


If you do not want any of the photos, you still will be charged for the sitting fee as well as $1.00 for each of the proofs printed to cover labor, film, and paper (non-refundable).  The pictures and proofs will be destroyed.


We assume no responsibility for any statements, acts, or promises of any person other than the written statements contained in our studio.  Any costs resulting in legal action will be you responsibility.


Limit of liability and remedy:

Photograph processing completed under processor’s policies.  Submitting any film, print, slide, negative or digital image to our company for processing, printing, storage, transmission or other handling constitutes an AGREEMENT by you that any damage or loss by our company, subsidiaries or agents, even if caused by negligence or other fault, will only entitle you to replacement with a like amount of unexposed film and processing.  Except for the exclusive remedy of replacement, the handling of film, print, slide, negative or digital image is without warranty or liability and recovery for any incidental or consequential damage is exclude.